Client name: ThemeXpert

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project started on: 06/22/2017

Project completed on:

Real Wood Floors – Hard to Beat!

Today, the varieties of wood floors which have long been in use, still enjoy justifiable popularity for residences and commercial spaces. This includes traditional solid hardwood wood floors made from oak, cherry, maple, ash and walnut among other species. But technology, innovation and imagination have expanded the choices in wood flooring to an even greater degree.

Even more recently, exotic species such as jatoba (AKA Brazilian Cherry), toona and tigerwood have made a splash in the wood flooring industry, offering even more choices for look and durability. Reclaimed pine floors and cork flooring, with their unique looks and impressive durability have come forth as significantly attractive and environmentally-friendly wood flooring alternatives. Engineered hardwood flooring utilizes real hardwood, but also allows for greater resistance to expansion, moisture and temperature change due to a multi-ply design.

For a greener alternative, check out our selection on discount bamboo floors. Bamboo is a resource which can renew itself in only a few years and is as hard or harder than most wood floors, making it an ideal solution for the eco-conscious consumer. Offering the three uniquely stunning grain patterns of horizontal, vertical, and strand woven, bamboo floors offer a charming selection of distinct looks. While horizontal and vertical grain bamboo flooring impart a tropical feel to any room, strand woven varieties offer unparalleled strength in a variety of colors, patterns, and aesthetics.